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Westlands Nursery

Our Nursery is situated in the grounds of the Westlands Primary school. Our
aim is to provide a fun and engaging environment throughout the setting and to
be a place that staff, children and families feel welcome, safe and valued.
Each room is uniquely equipped to perfectly meet the needs of each age group.
From a calming atmosphere in our baby room, which allows for safe sensory
exploration to our busier preschool rooms that offer more challenging activities
and resources.
We operate a free flow approach, which allows children to choose the resources
they want to play with and where they would like to play. Whether this is in the
inside learning environment or in the outside learning environment. Planning is
centred around the interests of the children to ensure they are actively

We are Ofsted registered. Our last Ofsted inspection was in September 2021 and we are pleased to say we were judged to be ‘good’

If you are looking for your child to start Nursery, feel free to contact us to
arrange a visit.

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Westlands Nursery, Johnson Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1JS